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Case study

Fastes growth Executive Search firm in the CEE region

red recruitment

Red Recruitment is an executive search firm specialized in white and blue collar temporary and permanent placement operating in over 7 countries.


Red Recruitment


Oct 2022


Lead Generation
New leads in first 3 months
Lead Conversion rate
Customer Acquisition Cost


Red Recruitment faced several challenges in generating qualified leads in the German market without relying heavily on paid advertising. These challenges included:

1. Limited reach and visibility
Struggled to reach a wide audience of potential clients in the German executive search market.

3. Ineffective outreach strategies
The traditional outreach methods, such as cold calling and mass emailing, were not generating adequate results.

3. Niche market targeting
They lacked a clear strategy for targeting niche markets and industries within the German executive search sector.

4. Content marketing limitations
Red Recruitment's content marketing efforts were not generating significant leads.


To address these challenges, Red Recruitment implemented a comprehensive outbound lead generation strategy that focused on personalized outreach, niche market targeting, and content marketing. This strategy involved the following key elements:

1. LinkedIn presence
Red Recruitment established a strong presence on LinkedIn and used it to connect with potential clients, build relationships, and send personalized messages.

2. Enhanced lead generation with tech
Introduced a new email deliverability tool and created a brand new retargeting strategy to reach more qualified leads with personalized messaging.

3. Targeted outreach strategy
Developed a location and event based outreach strategy that identified and connected with potential clients in the German market.

4. Content marketing
Produced high-quality blog posts, articles, and infographics that addressed the pain points and challenges of potential clients.

The Approach

We took a personalized and relationship-building approach to helping Red Recruitment generate qualified leads in the German market relying on paid advertising only for remarketing campaigns. Our process involved the following steps:

  1. Content marketing for thought leadership
    Utilized content marketing to establish Red Recruitment as a thought leader in the executive search industry, attracting inbound leads organically.
  2. Proactive identification and connection with potential clients
    Employed advanced lead generation tools and techniques to identify and engage with potential clients in the German executive search market.
  3. Personalized messaging
    Crafted compelling and personalized message templates that highlighted Red Recruitment's unique value proposition and expertise, fostering rapport and trust with potential clients.
  4. Strategic integration of outbound and retargeting campaigns
    Leveraged social media campaigns to attract leads and retargeted ads to nurture and convert prospects across channels.

Achievements & Key takeways

Decreased ads spend
Increased lead volume
better lead quality
improved collaboration between sales & marketing
  • a 24% increase in qualified leads within the first 3 months of implementing our outbound strategy.
  • Red Recruitment achieved a significant reduction in their reliance on paid advertising, with outbound strategies generating a greater proportion of qualified leads.
  • The quality of leads generated through outbound strategies improved significantly, as measured by lead conversion rates and customer acquisition costs.
  • Red Recruitment gained recognition as a thought leader in the German executive search industry through content marketing and industry engagement.


Red Recruitment's successful entry into the German market is a testament to the power of a targeted and personalized outbound lead generation strategy. By leveraging new tools, technology, and horizontal integration, Red Recruitment was able to overcome their challenges and achieve significant growth in their lead generation efforts.

Andrea Fonsmorti
MD @ Red Recruitment

"We're thrilled with the results we've achieved with our new lead generation strategy. By focusing on personalized outreach, niche market targeting, and content marketing, we've been able to generate a steady stream of qualified leads and expand our reach in the German market. We're confident that this strategy will continue to drive our growth in the years to come."