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Case study

How Findly, a YC-backed startup went from $0 to $20k MRR is an AI business assistant that helps e-commerce owners interrogate & extract accurate, actionable insights from their databases without needing to learn SQL or Python.




May 2023


Go-to-Market & Business Development
Net new ARR within the first 60 days
New SQLs in 90 days
Shorter Sales Cycle


Findly's team was struggling to scale their sales function and reach their target audience. They had no sales team and were not very experienced in lead generation. They were also having trouble managing their leads and deals.

These challenges were preventing from achieving their growth goals so needed to find a way to scale their sales function and improve their lead management process.

1. Inefficient lead management and sales process

2. Lack of clarity & personalization in customer journey

3. Fragmented & ineffective lead generation system

4. Lack of enterprise offer


To address Findly's challenges, we looked at implementing a comprehensive and strategic solution that involved both technical implementation and strategic development. This involved:

1. Implement a comprehensive HubSpot solution to streamline lead capture, nurturing, and qualification processes

2. Enhance the customer journey with personalized touchpoints and targeted messaging

3. Develop a comprehensive and cohesive lead generation strategy

4. Coordinate the development and launch of the enterprise offer

The Approach

We took a holistic approach to addressing Findly's challenges, focusing on both the technical implementation and the strategic development of their lead generation and sales processes. Our process involved the following steps:

  1. Assessment
    We conducted a comprehensive assessment of Acme Corporation's current lead generation and sales operations, identifying areas for improvement and opportunities for growth.
  2. Strategy development
    We collaborated with Acme Corporation's leadership team to develop a comprehensive lead generation and sales strategy aligned with their overall business objectives.
  3. Implementation
    We implemented the agreed-upon strategy, leveraging our expertise in HubSpot and other sales and marketing technologies.
  4. Ongoing support
    We provided ongoing support to Acme Corporation, helping them optimize their lead generation and sales processes and track their progress towards their goals.

Achievements & Key takeways

SALES PROCESS Optimization
  1. A comprehensive and strategic approach to lead generation and sales is essential for achieving sustainable growth.
  2. Effective collaboration between sales and marketing teams is critical for success.
  3. Data-driven insights and analytics play a crucial role in making informed decisions.
  4. A well-structured solution delivery process ensures successful implementation and ongoing support.


Our partnership with Findly demonstrates the power of a comprehensive and strategic approach to lead generation and sales. By working together, we helped their team achieve significant growth, improve customer engagement, and expand their market reach.

Jonathan Aeschilman
CEO & Founder @ Findly

"I recommend this agency"

Our sales processes were inefficient and fragmented, but working with Thrively has helped us implement a comprehensive strategy that has led to significant growth.

We're generating more qualified leads, increasing sales revenue, and improving customer engagement.

I highly recommend them to any business looking to improve its lead generation and sales performance.